About our Universal Performance Ratings (PR)

ProPool.com and InsidePoolMag advocates a Universal Performance-based Rating, which should be the basis for handicaps. Ideally, competing players should be grouped by skill divisions, which make it much easier to manage and more fun for the players. Handicaps only add another layer of complexity and confusion to the players’ concerns at a tournament. However, handicaps (skill adjustments) do exist and are common, so it helps to have an accurate rating to work from. Then, take in affect the various systems. Most other sports have 1 standard performance rating and set of rules on one game. Pool has many variables of games, ratings, rules and no main authority.
Every ones comments are welcome. We will be having many discussions on Facebook, InsidePool.TV Live Streams and The Billiard Channel over ratings, handicaps and game rules. Our goal is to have the emphasis on always play your best to win and good sportsmanship. One of the biggest features pool has, is that it is a skill sport and NOT a game of chance and all levels of players and win.
Most ratings and handicaps have steps from one skill level to the next. That’s not reality. A player’s performance varies quite a bit from several contributing factors. Using a handicap that is fixed until it is manually changed from one level to another is very difficult to manage accurately (eliminate sandbagging). Using the 1 – 10 method as an illustration shows the weakness: ProPool (Ron Hoffman) has been developing and providing rating information since 1989.

A) If a high 6 plays a low 6, (B plays a B+) that is a substantial skill difference, yet the players play even.
B) If a high 5 plays a low 6, (B plays a C+) it is a game handicap yet the players are virtually even in skill level.

This method, where 1 ratings point can be the difference between giving weight and getting weight, only encourages fear and effort by players to try to stay from a new high number. There is no way to have this system accurate, current, and fair. It is a very weak system in these hi-tech days.

The Universal (aka World) PR Performance Rating??? floating system, using the 0-1000 span, gives plenty of room for fine adjustments to identify a player’s accurate rating and handicap. There are no skill rating steps to be manipulated, just play your best.

Currently we are suggesting 75 points per adjustment point. If a PR 575 plays a 625, they play even. If a PR 510 Player plays a 590 Player, that is a one adjustment point. Players and directors can determine their own ranges. The system is mainly about PR and holding events by PR groups, with the skill adjustment as an option. Rather than use full games and race to as the rule, which only extends the match time, ProPool is suggesting a Free Shot system: 75 PR points per 1 Free Shot in a game. We are considering some other restrictions/rules on the definition of a Free Shot.

Updated 1/19/2019, Copyright 1989-2019 HF Enterprises, Inc. RWH

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