ProPool Challenge Events are a revolutionary way of playing competitive pool, unlimited by time and location constraints. Every set you play, against any opponent you choose, at any pool table that exists, can become a ProPool Challenge match. You are your own tournament director and you can choose who you play, where you play, and what you play. Win or lose, once you complete seven matches, you qualify to play in a ProPool Finals event (the payout round). What you win and how much you win depends on what you sign up for and how often you participate. Think of our ProPool Challenge Events as a never-ending bar table challenge, with unlimited pool tables and unlimited pool players, with valuable prizes at the end.

ProPool Challenge Events Format

  1. ProPool Challenge Events consist of two rounds of play. Each round consists of 7 matches of 3 games. (Not a race to 3. Not the best of 3. Just 3 total games).

  2. Players can play anywhere, any time: players can play at bars, pool halls, private clubs, homes — anywhere with a pool table.

  3. Each player is responsible for arranging their own matches, unless otherwise indicated.

  4. Players must have registered and joined a ProPool event roster in order to play a ProPool Challenge match.

  5. Each eligible match scored will deduct applicable Credit(s) from the players’ accounts. Special Events, such as??Derby City Qualifiers may have a separate entry fee.

  6. New member players enter at Performance Rating (“PR”) 600. See PR explanation here.

  7. Each player that completes 7 matches in the “Open Play” round (aka round 1) automatically advances to “The Finals” (round 2/payout round).

  8. Matches played in leagues or other tour tournaments can be “piggy-backed” as ProPool Challenge matches. The only restrictions are

    • Both players have to be registered as members
    • Both players must have active Participation Credits in their account
    • Both players must be on the same Challenge Event roster
    • Only the first 3 games of each match will be counted in the Open Play round, regardless of league or tour race or handicaps.
      • If you win your league/tour match 2-0, you and your opponent will need to play a third game for the match to be considered a completed Challenge match.
      • If you win your league/tour match 5-2, only the first 3 games will be counted. This means that if you were behind 1-2 after three games, you lost the Challenge match even though you eventually won your league match.
  9. “Player 1″ of the match must post the Challenge Match score as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours after completing play.

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Open Play Round (round 1)

  1. Open Play consists of 7 matches of 3 games against 7 different players. As soon as a player completes and enters 7 matches into the system, the player becomes a “Qualified Finals Participant” (QFP) and will advance to The Finals (round 2/payout round).

  2. Matches can be any format: 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, straight pool, one-pocket, etc., whatever the two players agree to. In ball-count games, such as straight-pool or APA 9-ball, the players will have to agree as to what constitutes “one game” prior to play and score accordingly.

  3. A drawing for one winner of a $100 McDermott gift certificate will be held for each group of 16 players that advance into The Finals.

The Finals (round 2/payout round) is based in local areas by PR Classification

  1. Qualified Finals Participants (QFPs) from the Open Play round (round 1) must have at least 7 Credits in their account and have paid any applicable Special Events entry fee.

  2. QFPs are parsed into two Divisions. QFPs with a PR (Performance Rating) of 499 or below will play in the Rookie Division Finals and QFPs who are PR 500 and higher will play in the Advanced Division Finals. EXCEPTION: Venue-specific Finals Events may have combined Divisions and handicapped races.

  3. The Finals consists of 7 matches of 3 games against other Finals Round players in the same Division. EXCEPTION: Venue-specific Finals Events may have handicapped matches and be format-specific (e.g., 9-ball only).

  4. The player with the most Games Won (GW on the Match Board header) at the completion of The Finals is the Event Winner.

    IMPORTANT: Total Games Won is the determining factor for event winners, not matches won.

Challenge Match Requirements

  1. Players must be registered as??ProPool members and have joined an??Event roster.

  2. Both players must agree they’re playing a Challenge match.

  3. Both players must have enough Credits on account to play the match.

  4. Scores must be entered into the ProPool system by “Player 1″ of the match within 48 hours of completion.

  5. Each player is responsible for arranging for their own Challenge matches, unless otherwise indicated.

Challenge Event Prizes

  • Players who complete Round 1 are automatically entered into a drawing for a $100 McDermott gift certificate

  • Currently, free entries into’s 2019 Derby City Amateur Challenge Table event, including Spectator pass to all Professional Pool events at Derby City 2019,??PLUS a $500 stipend to defray travel expenses to the Derby City — are available. We just need a quorum of QFPs!

    Sign up for a Challenge now and get on the Road to Derby City 2019 ASAP!

  • All losing players in a Finals Event are automatically entered into a drawing for a consolation prize


This information is subject to change. Please review periodically.

Last updated: Dec 26, 2018

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