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>Don’t miss the remake and post editing of these GREAT Matches!
+ Watch for details on the NEW Revolutionary Virtual TD (Tournament Director).

“>Join us in presenting a “FAN-Tastic” new way to enjoy the Pros and Win valuable prizes from the sponsors! Watch to see the new surprises! You won’t want to miss this show!

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You can WIN when you Join Roster and post your Match Scores.
Contest entry details: When you Join the Roster and post your Match Scores you receive an entry into winning prizes. You can enter as many matches as you want as long as each match is with a different opponent.
I think this is the first of it’s kind event ever in pool using the Virtual TD and a leaderboard. You will want to be part of the initiating Players!!!
Click here for the Event Leader Board,

Inside Pool Magazine, Diamond Billiards, Balabushka Performance Chalk, Iwan Simonis Cloth,
Aramith Balls, Prather Cues & Parts, OB Cues, MONSTER Break Billiards, CueZ CTC,
and more to come???

8) YOU, need to experience this amazing new accurate Performance Rating and fair Free Shot handicap system.
The Virtual TD System can link an unlimited number of pool tables and people into one community or worldwide event competition based on skill or group affiliation and instantly rank the participants online.
NO Experience needed!!!

Challenge your friends and head for your favorite pool table. Tell them we sent you. Thanks
PLAY MORE POOL TODAY! Every game you play can easily become a tournament match! and the Virtual TD and the 24>7G Challenge System is utilizing the practice, where anyone can schedule to play their match anytime 24>7.
Promoters and Host Venues are needed to initiate the system in each venue.
Any Venue with 1 or more pool tables can participate.
Click PLAY NOW! and locate the CAlifornia Event you want to compete in.
Recommended Official Competition Rules BCA World Standarized Rules.

>Schedule the match at your convenience. 8) NO Waiting!
>Players are Instantly Ranked on the Event Leader Board by Games Won (GW) The Winner is determined by Games Won.

8) HOW TO: All players must register online at
1>From the home page click PLAYNOW>
2>Select the Event you wish to play in. Now you are at the Event Leader Board.
Note: move the mouse over the header stats to see the description.
Note:Select the $sign in the Prize Fund box to go back to the details page.
3>Select the PLAY> button to proceed to the EScore card.
4>New players go to Register for a account
5>Player 2 logs in. Challenge anyone to play the match anytime at your convenience.
6>Enter “Games Won” for each player as the minimum required data.
7>Select “End Match” twice to Submit the scores
9>Monitor the Event Leader Board to see your instant up to date Player Ranking.

$10 entry fee for each event.
>NOTE: The Venue can have a side pot as desired for immediate cash payouts or travel expenses.
The first event is open, to provide an introduction for the players and promoter to understand the 24>7G format.

8) Sign up to be a HOST VENUE in your City:
Call Ron at 602.471.7711

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