“Rocket Challenge” PRO-AM 2018

Over $4,000 in Prizes available! WOW! Start Playing in the Rocket Challenge Today!
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WPA Pro Ranking

Is that all there is to entering my match scores? Man, That’s easy!”
Rodney is taking on challenge matches 24>7G. Why wait for someone else to organize a tournament for you when you can PLAY NOW 24-7? You just need to enter your own match scores.
Any pros or amateurs can post their matches to see how you Rank against “THE ROCKET”!
Click here for Rodney’s Event.

Upcoming Pro Billiards Events”
Turning Stone Classic 2018

New players must Register. Your first 3 matches are FREE. Then it’s only $10 for 11 Matches.
Continue on to the Enter Scores and enter your GW Games Wins. The Pro Stats shot by shot scoring is optional, but it provides a WPRating World Performance Rating and an accurate handicap.
After you submit your scores go back to the Leader Board and monitor your ranking and performance!
If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Try to win your share of over $1,000 in cash and prizes.

8) First 3 Matches FREE! Hello pool players and welcome to propool.com. The new 24+7G Challenge format was designed to make pool competition far more available, fun and rewarding to all skill levels. Please give it a try.

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