Diamond Billiards Derby City 2019 Qualifier

The innovative objective is to provide an unrestricted format where an unlimited number of Players can easily participate.
Welcome to the Amazing new MatchUp Challenge System. It’s an ongoing 1-on-1 open Challenge format where you challenge a player and self-schedule to play the match.
1) NEW PLAYERS: Click MY Account to Register. One player in each match must be a paid Registered Player and have active credits. Free members can play in any match.
2) Click LET’S PLAY! click the EScore button and Player 1 must login and enter the match scores. for both players
3) The Open Play MatchUp: is a progressive building challenge system that keeps growing and players can join in at any time. It’s like round 1 in any tournament bracket. Players can play any game and a set of 3 games per match or 21 games for the $10. This is more pool than most other formats.
>Both Players must be a paid Registered Players. It’s $10 for 7 Matches.
>This is a way to get many players posting match scores into one progressively growing event.
>There are 2 stages to the Open Play format.
1) Players can match up and play anyone in their area at their own prearranged schedule and location. This way there is one event theme
2) When Players get their 7 Matches Posted they are moved to an Event in their City zip code.
From there Players can select to play in the Qualifier Payout Round.
3) The Entry fee and Payout will be posted later today 11/22/18

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