The AMAZING Virtual TD, Tournament Director

WIN the $475 InsidePool.TV Cue with personal engraving and an iCue Ball.
>Every Game you Play can be Registered for life!>Play More Pool >No Waiting >Play when you want >Play who you Want!
Contest Rules: Each Match Won is one drawing entry. 1) Register and get 3 Match tokens/credits 2) Join Roster 3) Challenge anyone on the Roster 4) Play your match and 5) Click EScore to Enter your Game Wins
>>Watch for more details on the NEW Revolutionary Virtual TD.
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Your Pool Venue can be easily set up to run the Virtual TD 24-7 in 48 Hours.
The Venue Re-seller is Free Setup! No Contracts!
Take full control of your event promotions.
Connect your TV’s to broadcast our Pool TV Channel. Then enjoy our creative, entertaining and informative videos and let the VTD do all the work.
Install the Re-seller Player Entry Pass Buy Button on your POS register for easy customer sales.

Low $10 Entry! Play 7 Matches, 5 Games per Match!
More Payouts!
Play More Pool!
No Waiting for your next match!
The MatchMaker helps find a great match!
Greatly increase visitors during slow hours!

Contact us to find out more! Your event will be listed on the Event Center page Click for the Event Center Page>

Contact us today> Click here to get more information>

Must be 21 years old to receive cash.

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