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InsidePool.TV & ProPool Open Play 2018

LAST CHANCE to Register FREE for the 2018 Special InsidePool.TV Event! The First 1,000 Players to Register FREE & Join the Roster, Qualify to WIN over $2,000 in Cash! This offer closes 12/31/2018 MIDNIGHT!
We need all the Pool Player support we can get to show our sponsors, so we can get the maximum sponsor support. This is the only true Universal Player Organization that recognizes all industry players, businesses, venues, leagues, tournaments and promoters! InsidePool.TV is producing ???Open Play Format??? This is part of the National Ranking Points Event for the InsidePool ProPool. Reserve your …

Diamond Billiards Derby City 2019 Qualifier

The innovative objective is to provide an unrestricted format where an unlimited number of Players can easily participate.
Welcome to the Amazing new MatchUp Challenge System. It’s an ongoing 1-on-1 open Challenge format where you challenge a player and self-schedule to play the match.
1) NEW PLAYERS: Click MY Account to Register. One player in each match must be a paid Registered Player and have active credits. Free members can play in any match.
2) Click LET’S PLAY! click the EScore button and Player 1 must login and enter the match scores. for both players
3) The Open …